About Arch

ARCH is an established brand name that produced top quality models since 1989. In 1997, ARCH pioneered and founded a revolutionary technique in the design and production of 2D art pieces and 3D miniature models using superior quality veneer wood, birthing ARCH Heritage Collection.

The premium framed art pieces created from different types of wood veneer – beech, cherry, maple, oak and walnut woods, are obtained from sustainable sources. The various wood veneers provide a variety of colour tones; carving way for detail oriented designs with distinctive class. The frames are made of durian wood past fruit bearing age, sourced locally by our production house in Malaysia.

Our customised gifts, souvenirs and collectibles also come in the form of fridge magnets, bookmarks, stationery items, desktop items, veneer key-chains, notebooks and other premium items.

The commitment behind ARCH Heritage Collection is simple – to preserve and share heritage with the masses by creating awareness and a sense of appreciation locally and internationally.

The hallmark of ARCH products is its mark of distinction where each are designed and crafted with the utmost concern for detail and uncompromising quality.

ARCH主要是自家設計与生产以再生树木制造惊人,美丽又实用的艺精品. 每件ARCH 的生产可不简单, 由构思开始,到仔細釣出一份設計图, 然后送去雷射裁剪在一片片的薄木上, 再把木片一叶叶的用心拼湊成二維或三維的产品. ARCH是以新加坡地标的独特性和文化为設計元素制造我们产品的故事。

系列有平面框艺术品, 桌面文具用品, 书签, 缀飾磁片物, 筆記本和立体模型. 还有,怎至有为个人或企业提供特別指定設計及制造, 或者最新休闲用品与时尚服饰都是代表新加坡献給世界绝佳的礼品.