Double Happiness Pendant

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Chinese lanterns are special handicrafts and more than just decorations, they are displayed in the house or at the front door during festivals, weddings and other celebrations. The Chinese lantern symbolises long life and is the supreme totem of good luck and a new start. “囍 xi” is a very beautiful and special Mandarin character used for marital bliss or happiness. This Mandarin character is an important part of Chinese weddings and is usually displayed somewhere at the wedding reception or banquet. The Mandarin character “喜” combines two individual characters to represent “Double Happiness”. Double Happiness signifies good fortune for the newlyweds and ensures a happy future. Birds and flowers in this motif symbolises romance and a lasting relationship. Fishes represent marriage, conjugal felicity and tenacity. Lanterns are used to bring light and happiness to every area you live in.

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