Gate of Hope, CHIJMES Magnet

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At this small gate of the former Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), many babies were abandoned in baskets to be picked by the Sisters of the convent. This was the origin of the Hope for Abandoned Babies. For over 100 years, the orphanage was home to children from poor or broken families as well as unwanted babies. The orphanage took in many Chinese baby girls in the year of the tiger. “Tiger Girls” because of the strong superstitious belief then that they would bring bad luck to the families. In 1968, the Mother Superior noted that this practice was stopped as there was a mark changed in this superstitious belief. The Home of Abandoned Babies ceased function in 1983 when CHIJ was relocated. CHIJ was founded in 1854 in Singapore by French Catholic missionary Father Jean Marie Beurel.

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