Pride of Singapore Pen Holder

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In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles landed along the bank of Singapore River and established Singapore as a British trading colony. Singapore evolved from a small fishing village into one of the biggest free port in the east. After WWII, it was returned to the British Colony until 1963 when it joined the Federation of Malaysia. After its independence in 1965, a massive industrialisation program was launched together with heavy investment into infrastructures and education targeting at survival and prosperity on its own. Pride of Singapore traces the history footsteps from the colonial days till the modern Singapore. It comprises of Sir Raffles which was erected at the probable landing site of Sir Raffles with the old shophouses conserved to reflect the heyday of the colonial period when merchants and traders crowded the banks of Singapore River. The backdrop illustrates the buoyant financial hubs with modern skyscrapers where the frontage pay tribute to the modern cultural emphasis with the Esplanade ? Theatres on the Bay and the Merlion, icon of Singapore?s tourism industry.

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