Al-Haram Mosque Magnet

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Al-Haram Mosque – “The Sacred Mosque” also known as the Great Mosque of Makkah is the mosque that holds the holiest shrine of Islam – the Kaaba.  Makkah is the birthplace of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  Before the time of Hadrat ‘Umar (radi-Allahu’anh), Al-Haram Mosque did not have any walls.  Around the Kaaba was a small square, which was surrounded by houses. The Caliph ‘Umar (radi-Allahu’anh) had some of the houses demolished and had a one-meter-high wall built around the Kaaba, and thus Al-Haram Mosque was built.  The Great Mosque has undergone major renovations and expansions through the years.

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